Effective IAM for AWS

Effective IAM for Amazon Web Services

By Stephen Kuenzli 

Effective IAM for Amazon Web Services is for Cloud engineers who design, develop, and review AWS IAM security policies in their daily work.

If you're struggling to deliver effective AWS security policies, this guide will help you understand why it's hard and how both you and your organization can use IAM well.

The AWS IAM documentation tells you what you can do. This guide will show you how to scale IAM best practices to all developers.

Learn how to:

  • solve difficult security problems using the best parts of AWS IAM
  • simplify AWS IAM into a set of secure infrastructure code building blocks to deliver changes quickly
  • verify AWS IAM security policies protect resources as intended
  • secure IAM continuously at any scale

Learn more about this book or how to control access to any resource.

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Featured in IAM Pulse by Okta


Wes Novack Profile Photo

Wes Novack

Technologist, Leader, Author

"In his book, Stephen does a wonderful job of explaining his recommended control loops, processes & culture to enable an organization to secure their AWS presence effectively & in a repeatable fashion."

Paul SwailProfile Photo

Paul Swail

Serverless Expert & AWS Consultant at Winter Wind Software

"Do you deal with IAM regularly but still not properly understand it? If so, I highly recommend you check out Effective IAM for AWS. Since I read it, I have a much clearer mental model on how to best define principals and policies for both security and maintainability."